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How To Prepare Your Home For Hurricane Season

Hurricane season can be a threatening time for homes and families. From the unpredictable weather, to the possibility of a hurricane occurrence, it’s important to take the necessary precautions to ensure that your home, your family and your valuables are well protected. The 2015 Atlantic hurricane season runs approximately from June 1st through November 30th […]

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New Study Offers Insight to Hurricane Behavior

The University of Miami is onto some major findings that offer insight about hurricane behavior involving pollution that consequently results after a storm passes through. In 2012, researchers from the university used Hurricane Isaac as the focal point of their research.

The storm was classified as a category 1 hurricane, which sustained an estimated 80 miles […]

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A “Quiet Atlantic Hurricane Season” Still Calls for Precaution

Although the Atlantic hurricane season is well underway, meteorologists have predicted that the 2015 season is expected to be a rather uneventful one. Much like the 2014 hurricane season, which was abnormally quiet and saw very little storms on our side of the globe, the 2015 projections are likely to be strikingly similar. In fact, […]

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Why Backup Generators Are So Essential

Those of us on the East coast are no strangers to hurricanes, which is why preparation is highly essential, especially during the Atlantic hurricane season. Whether you’re in Miami, the hurricane capital of the nation, or somewhere like Texas, it’s absolutely important to have an emergency plan in place, even if it’s projected to be […]

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Typhoon Vongfong Spells Future Trouble

2014 has been rather quiet in the Atlantic Ocean; that much is apparent. However for those in the Pacific Ocean, it has been the exact opposite. Throughout hurricane season, Typhoons have been culminating, what seems like, every other week! While the Atlantic hurricane season runs from June-November, the Pacific typhoon season begins a month earlier. […]

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2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season

With September 10th being classified as the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season, it’s safe to say that this hurricane season went by rather quietly, and while the season isn’t officially over until November, past trends regarding hurricane formation suggest that the remainder will be rather uneventful. It goes without saying that hurricanes are a […]

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Disastrous Hurricanes: How Quickly We Forget

With back to school in full effect, it’s very easy for us to keep our minds occupied and not take notice of the constantly changing effects of the weather. Without a doubt, climate change is slowly, but surely, occurring and our bizarre weather conditions are a clear indication of this. Within the last couple of […]

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Hawaiian Hurricanes Show Why Preparation Is Key

Out of sight, out of mind seems to be the case for those of us who live on the Atlantic coast. We’ve been relatively lucky when it comes to this year’s hurricane season, even though we’ve had our fair share of treacherous weather. But when focusing on the bigger picture, it’s becoming increasingly evident that […]

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Typhoon Rammasun: Why We Should Be Paying Attention

Typhoon Neoguri was recently broadcasted across every station nationally as it laid a path of destruction across the Southern Okinawa island chain and left 2 dead in its wake. Seemingly out of nowhere, Typhoon Rammasun made landfall in the Phillipines shortly after and ravaged surrounding areas. The biggest difference between the two massive storms is […]

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Super Typhoon Neoguri Symbolizes a Threat to Us All

When looking at the past years, it becomes evident that super storms appear to be occurring much more frequently. Super Typhoon Neoguri is the most recent storm worth mentioning, currently it is said to be a category 4 and will increase to a category 5. Within the last 5 years, Asia has had at least […]

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